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At Last

Finally Finished

.(Mark Bond The Molecatcher Cornwall )

It has rained nearly every day this week so trapping has been a bit slow don’t get me wrong, I love trapping in the rain its all a part of the job especially as I have now started to get lot fitter.

Could not believe I have dropped two trouser sizes in 5 weeks with all the walking on the fields with this bad weather.

Hope I can keep it up, the exercise has been really forced on me as the grass on the golf coarse has been so wet they have imposed a jeep ban.

I was getting a bit lazy with it all driving round everywhere, even shooting I would drive and just shoot out of the window.

This year I am going to make a far better effort, and stop being such a lazy ass.

The mole catching is really picking up now new clients every day, mostly camp sites and leisure centres getting ready for the new season.

Had a good stock-take today I estimate I will need at least another 100 mole traps my the end of next month.

I have a couple of jobs coming up that will need at least 50 tunnel traps a piece, but I look at this as a good thing.

after all the more traps laid the more moles caught the more moles caught means more money in my pocket for Bev to help herself to, as she always says if it is in my possession she has a right to it, just wish she would ask sometimes. 

Maybe I ought to put a couple of mouse traps in my pockets and see what happens.

mousetrap cash
I will catch her

Well enough of me rattling on got a busy day tomorrow on a small farm with a huge mole population watch out for my next video      Down On The Farm

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