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All the new lamping Kit

I have been busy over the last week getting all the new lamping equipment sorted out ready for the new rabbit season.

I have gone for a four X 100w light roof bar, a 100w Deben tracer main lamp and a 50w 400m rifle lamp all with additional red and green filters.

I finally got it all together today so tomorrow will be the big test as I have 250 acres of fields full of rabbits that need clearing.

Hopefully I will get some video footage posted to my Youtube channel by the weekend.
Really looking forward to testing all the new gear as it should without a doubt improve my odds.

On Sunday I took my 17hmr out for the first time since October, I had forgot just how deadly it is against rabbits. Nice clean kills at 150m plus this is great for nights when they are shy, so I will be using the 17hmr tomorrow with a red filtered lamp this should be a great combination on this new job.

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