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Why trap moles

I am never surprised to learn that the majority of those who call me have never actually seen a mole, but have only witnessed the damage they can inflict.

Many have tried alternative methods such as sound deterrents or those beach windmills and  plastic bottles on sticks all because they understood that moles are terrified of sound and vibration.

If this really was the case then why do we often see mole hills appearing on traffic roundabouts or at the side of busy roads?.

 Why trap moles

Moles can be a real nuisance when they invade the privacy of your garden and can quite inadvertently cause a great deal of mess and damage, and can be very difficult to control.

They seem to arrive from nowhere and before you know it, your precious lawn and flower beds look likea bomb site. Sadly in some respects, it’s an unwelcome compliment as a mole is likely to be attracted to the better tended areas; those rich in earthworms and moisture.

Why so many excavations and mole hills?

Quite simply an average mole (weighing about 5oz) will eat about 50 lbs of worms and insects a year – to get these it needs a lot of tunnels for worms to drop into.

This is why if you don’t act to control them fast you will very quickly risk having mole hills everywhere!

If you manage to disturb them enough they may move – most often to another area of your lawn.

so really you need to capture them to avoid the risk of multiple areas of damage. In gardens the molehills can be very unsightly and although moles don’t eat plant roots, they will undermine them causing them to die, and similar applies to grass and turf. The shallow runs cause ridges in the grass, and this creates a hazard to both people and animals.

Environmentally Friendly

I do not use any gasses or poisons unless it is an extreeme case so your land is perfectly safe for your pets and livestock even whilst my traps are in place.

I am pleased to visit and survey if required and if you wish to proceed I can normally begin right away – the faster you act the less likelihood of further damage.

I am a experienced professional mole catcher and I am adept at dealing with moles in a small areas and large agricultural, commercial leisure environments.

Getting rid of moles quickly and efficiently requires training, experience and the quality equipment.

I only use traditional humane methods that will get you fast and effective results.

If you have a concern or are experiencing a mole invasion then please do not hesitate to contact Me.

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