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Wild Life


Wildlife and Vermin Control Cornwall

I offer many services in wildlife management

Rabbit Control:

Rabbit Control is one of my main jobs in the summer months. This I mostley do in the evenings depending on the situation and location. I offer rabbit control for free as I do have an outlet for the rabbits.

 Wild Life

I can offer shooting, trapping and ferreting for rabbit control. please call for more details.


I do squirrels control nearly all year round, I now only shoot or use kill traps for squirrel as I found live trapping them caused far to much stress to an animal that had to be shot anyway.

 Wild Life

Please call for Details


I can both trap and shoot foxes depending on the location.
Please call for Details

 Wild Life

Deer Control:

Deer control is done by a trained marksman, Please call for Details

 Wild Life