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Month: February 2016

I need to buy a lamping light

February 27, 2016

With the two new shooting permissions this week It looks like I will need a lamping light. Although I have lights on the roof of the jeep it does not look like it will be enough. I have been looking at the Deban tracer lamps as ideally I want something to attach the my rifle […]

Wet Ground In Cornwall

February 26, 2016

Today myself and my shooting partner looked over another 250 acres we have just secured, I was a bit wet underfoot so we decided to just walk the perimeter. We soon realise what a a great piece of land this is as we found tracks from Rabbit, fallow and roe deer. Then we entered the […]

At Last

February 14, 2016
Something new

Finally Finished .(Mark Bond The Molecatcher Cornwall ) It has rained nearly every day this week so trapping has been a bit slow don’t get me wrong, I love trapping in the rain its all a part of the job especially as I have now started to get lot fitter. Could not believe I have […]