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Moles and Squirrel prices

Mole Control Cornwall

image Moles and Squirrel prices

Mole Control

I like to make things easy so my price structure is pretty simple to work out.

First Mole                              £45.00
Additional Moles                   £10.00

Travel is charged @ 25p per mile; based on return travel from PL24 2EX to your location for each visit. (fastest route via Sat Nav)

Usually two visits are all that are usually required for a simple one mole problem, though sometimes more visits are necessary depending on the situation.

Remember, if I don’t catch your mole there is no charge.

I can begin setting traps immediately after the site survey if you are happy with the quote and time scale.

Every job is different sometimes you will only see one molehill yet catch 3-4 moles, then again I have seen lawns covered with hills and only caught one mole, you just never know for sure.

If any new mole activity appears after I have considered all moles to have been accounted for and have removed all my traps, I will return and catch the mole/mole at the £10 per mole rate. (that is £10.00 plus travel).

This does sometimes happen as after the initial trapping, you may get one mole that lays low for a few days.

After 7 days, new activity will be treated as a completely new job.

Squirrel Trapping

The Cost of squirrel trapping is £55 plus travel.

Additional squirrels are charged at £25

Please call for more details

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